Homeowner FAQ’s

Question: What are those black streaks on my roof?
Answer: The black streaks are a type of algae called ‘Gloeocapsa Magma’ or simply “Black Algae”.

Question: Is this type of algae harmful to my roof?
Answer: Yes it is. As this mold grows it feeds on the limestone filler on the outer base of the shingle causing the shingle granules to dislodge reducing the life expectancy of the roof.

Question: I have a 30 year architectural shingles on my home. Without treatment for roof fungus how long can I expect my roof last?
Answer: That’s a tough question to answer due to many factors but in general a 30 year roof life expectancy can be shortened by up to 50% if not addressed properly. It is highly recommended that you contact a Roof Cleaning Professional if algae, moss, or lichen is visible on your roof.

Question: I have a wood roof that is covered in moss. Can I have this moss safely removed without damaging the roof?
Answer: Yes you can, but be careful. If you are thinking about removing the moss yourself, think again. Wood shake roofs are very expensive to replace and if you don’t know what you are doing it could end up costing you plenty. The recommended method would be to hire a Roof Cleaning Professional, but again, be careful. Make sure the contractor has proper credentials such as: experience working on wood roofs, license, insurance, local references, and before and after photos of completed jobs.

Question: How much does it cost to have my roof cleaned?
Answer: There are many factors that will determine the cost of having your roof cleaned. Rule of thumb is having your roof cleaned by a reputable Roof Cleaning Contractor should be roughly 10% of the cost to replace a roof. Example: New roof cost = $ 7,500.00/ Roof cleaning = $ 750.00. Buyer beware! If you receive an estimate that sounds too good to be true, you are more than likely dealing with an inexperienced roof cleaner. Go to our ‘Find A Professional’ link and contact a RCCA Roof Cleaning Professional.

Question: What products are used to safely clean my roof?
Answer: The question you have to ask yourself is “Will these chemicals be harmful to my roof, other parts of my home, and my landscape”? Chemicals used by trained professionals can be applied to your home safely and without damage. Some product ingredients include but are not limited to: Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine), Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), TSP (Tri-sodium phosphate), and Zinc Sulfate. There are alternative products that are more environmentally friendly that can effectively remove algae, lichen, and moss from your roof using peroxide based cleaners such as sodium percarbonate . Contact your local Roof Cleaning Professional and ask what chemicals they use.

Question: Is power washing bad for my roof?
Answer: In inexperienced hands, absolutely but that is not the case with an experienced Professional Roof Cleaning Contractor, he will have all the necessary pressure converters, tips, and general equipment to create an effective spray that is equal to that of a steady rainfall, safely removing growth without causing damage to your roof.

Question: How long will my roof stay clean?
Answer: The answer to this question varies widely dependent on climate, proximity to water, tree coverage, and how thorough the cleaning was. Professional Roof Cleaning Contractors may offer annual maintenance programs or products that will inhibit future growth.

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